Online Office Professional Career Education Options

Businesses and organizations need staff members that understand how to run an office efficiently. Completing one of several office professional degree programs teaches students the skills necessary to perform these tasks. Many online accredited colleges provide students with the knowledge to create strong working conditions inside an office setting.

The best office professional training options are found at the certificate and associate’s degree level of education. These undergraduate options provide students with essential skills to perform office duties as well as operate the latest technologies utilized by businesses. Further study at the bachelor’s degree level prepares students for managerial positions inside the industry. Master’s degrees are not widely available but some schools offer office administration programs for students that want to step into upper-level management. Online education offers a number of different options to gain specialized training. Students can complete programs in office technology, executive assisting, office administration, and more.

A popular option is completing online education in administrative office technology. Certificate and associates degree programs prepare students to enter work as administrative assistants. Both office technology and administrative duties are learned as students study a wide range of topics. Coursework typically consists of subjects that include:

Microsoft Office Programs
Computer Systems
Spreadsheets and Databases
Coursework prepares students to create business documents and presentations. Supervising staff and coordinating travel arrangements are other aspects of the job learned through online schooling.

Students that complete an online program in executive assisting learn to work with professionals by conducting various tasks inside the workplace. Online education teaches students their role as an assistant by exploring the different duties requested of today’s modern professional. Common courses that may be integrated into a program include:

Records Management
Business Writing and Grammar
Students explore how to efficiently schedule meetings and manage the calendar for all work related events. A records management course trains students how to properly be the office bookkeeper and coordinate payroll. Most degrees are obtainable at the associate’s and bachelor’s level.

Students that want to earn a bachelor’s degree or higher can consider becoming an office professional by completing an office administration program. Education is focused on giving students the ability to provide business support to an office or an individual. Online courses cover a wide range of subjects that may include:

Business Math
Machine Transcription
Business Communications
Students learn a wide range of skills that prepare them to help keep an office running smoothly. Ordering office supplies, creating databases, developing accurate filing systems, and corresponding through e-mails are all specific work related tasks learned inside a bachelor’s degree program. Further education is typically awarded through certifications. For example, the Certified Administrative Professional designation has students complete an examination that covers in depth topics in office technology and organizational management.
The highly competitive field is best entered with an educational background. Students that complete an accredited online education to become an office professional have the most employment opportunities. Full accreditation is provided by agencies like the Distance Education and Training Council ( to programs that provide a quality education. Complete a program and step into a position as a highly qualified and respected professional.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised on our website.

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