Office Professional Career Preparation Options Online

Business and corporate offices run smoothly with the help of trained staff. Students can enter online training and learn how to promote an organized office by completing a training program.. Education can be completed in several areas allowing students to pick a program that fits their career aspirations inside the office professional industry.

Students learn specific office functions, which includes understanding how to use a variety of computer applications when they complete a program. Office professional and secretarial programs are the two main educational options offered by online colleges. Certificate and associate’s degree programs are the most prominent opportunities available to students. Continued education at the bachelor’s degree level trains students to become leaders in the workplace. Master degree programs are typically not offered but some schools provide office administration programs.

*Office Professional Programs

Online training programs are available in administrative office technology, executive assisting, and office administration. Office technology programs prepare students to work in all types of business offices by teaching them the latest in computer-based programs. Education provides students with industry level skills by training them to arrange travel plans, supervise employees, transcribe notes, and more. Common courses taken could include:

Keyboarding Development
Basic Accounting
Business Graphics
The technology aspect teaches students how to correctly use industry related software. Students are able to make business documents and develop presentations for a variety of purposes with their understanding of desktop publishing.

Students that work through an executive assisting program learn how to become office professionals. Education centers on providing students with the skills needed to schedule appointments, manage payroll services, and prepare board-meeting documents. Most career positions have professionals working directly with executives in the legal, medical, and business industries. Students that complete a bachelor’s degree program are eligible to work for vice presidents and chief executives where they support their boss directly as well as supervise and train new employees.

*Secretarial Science

Education is specifically focused on preparing students to step into the profession. Training gives students the knowledge to perform various jobs throughout an office such as typing up documents, planning events, and more. Common online courses taken may include:

Word Processing
File Management
Business Communications
Courses develop the knowledge required to effectively produce office correspondence, maintain a filing system, and draft a report. These areas teach students how to fulfill their role as a secretary. Schooling provides students with career training in areas that include data entry, project management, record keeping, and problem solving. Associate’s degrees are the most completed programs and provide students with the needed level of education to establish a career as a secretary. Further study in secretarial science is not offered. Students that wish to earn a bachelor’s degree or higher can complete online programs in business administration. Education at these levels gives students the skills to enter leadership positions.

Students can become office professionals by choosing an area of educat

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